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Traditionally, the world’s most highly skilled experts have worked as employees in consulting firms. Although this worked well for several years, IT outsourcing has saturated the workplace, and employees no longer feel they have adequate job security or career satisfaction. That is why so many top-talent professionals are turning to freelancing! However, the typical freelance model still has its limitations. While plenty of individuals and startups have found a way to utilize freelance talent for small projects that only require one to two people, large enterprises and government organizations have struggled to take advantage of the high-quality talent and flexibility that comes with the freelance marketplace.

With our freelancing platform, you now have access to the same top-tier projects, and you can work on them on your own terms! While other freelancing websites provide listings of smaller projects to engage as an individual, we provide you the opportunity to work on large-scale enterprise projects alongside other top freelance talent.

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Freelance Market Size

$3.3B Billion Currently
$9.1B Billion by 2026
58M Million Freelancers in the U.S.
200M Million Freelancers Globally
$1.2T Trillion Contributed to U.S. Economy

Our Community

CrowdPlat is building a community of developers, designers, testers, and other skilled professionals around the world. Whether you are looking for more flexibility in your work schedule, wanting to build experience on enterprise projects, or just looking to access more exciting opportunities, we have the projects for you!

Our unique business model provides distinct advantages to our freelancers!

Collaboration and Opportunity

Support and Guidance

Higher Compensation

Work with Reputable Enterprises

We’ve had the opportunity to work with many reputable businesses and government agencies that trust our services to deliver quality results every time!

Our freelancers have experience working for top technology companies!

What We Do

Project-Based Crowdsourcing

We assemble and manage a team of freelancers to execute your projects according to the staffing requirements.

R&D Innovation

We consistently utilize crowdsourcing to provide innovative solutions for research and development initiatives. Our process guarantees confidentiality and IP protection.

Technical Solutions

We solve complex technical challenges for leading enterprises by using expert talent from our community and our trusted partners. Communities of innovators have reshaped entire industries, including aviation and personal computing.

Project Portfolio

We have a proven solution to execute on a wide variety of projects!

How We Operate

Our solution is different from most freelancing platforms because we provide a project manager for every project as a direct contact between the customer and our freelancers. These project managers may be one of our in-house staff, or they may come from our freelance community! Either way, they are highly curated and go through additional background checks before they can lead projects.

This unique process ensures our freelancers have internal guidance from a trained leader who can place all their focus on the task at hand, unlike traditional freelance platforms which limit freelancers to small projects with startups due to the inability to form teams, effectively communicate, and manage timelines.

Once the client and project manager have agreed upon scope, schedule, and budget, the project manager browses our freelance marketplace for available talent with the right skillset to form a highly qualified, cohesive team.

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Our freelancers have experience working for top technology companies!

1. Join our fast-growing network

The first step to seek out your next opportunity is to register with us. We’ve made it easy to register with just a few clicks using your LinkedIn or Facebook account!

Once registered, we will contact you to complete a brief background check before you are activated on our system. This could take from a few days to a couple of weeks maximum, depending on our workload.

2. Get started on a project

Once we complete your background check, you’ll be able to review any posted projects and decide what projects interest you!

While only project managers have access to see complete details and bid for customer work, you can communicate with project managers and let them know you’re interested in a project.

If a project manager selects you for a project, milestones and payment details will be recorded in the system and shared with you through the platform.

3. Deliver milestones and get paid

The next step for our freelance project managers is to assemble and lead your project teams! All other non-PM freelancers will be provided work assignments by the project manager along with key due dates and milestones. You can then plan your work accordingly to meet deadlines while still shaping your schedule in a way that fits your unique lifestyle! As you complete milestones and the customer confirms progress, we release payments to all freelancers, including the project manager.

Once the project is delivered, our customers have the opportunity to rate all freelancers, so you can earn a high rating from trusted sources and get recommended for future projects!

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