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The Crowdsourcing Revolution

Outsourcing has become more and more popular over the years, enabling organizations to tap into a global pool of talent that was not previously available. However, as this model has begun saturating the market, outsourcing costs have continued to increase.

Recently, freelancing has become a new trend, capturing some of the best talent from around the world. But the freelancing model still has its limitations. While startups and small businesses are increasingly using freelancing websites, enterprise customers have not been able to take advantage of the freelance marketplace to a great extent due to their need for accountable, committed, and cohesive teams.

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That is why we created CrowdPlat – the enterprise crowdsourcing platform. Our platform enables businesses to connect with verified freelance teams in a secure and reliable way to execute all types of projects with much better quality. With CrowdPlat, companies now have access to a larger pool of quality talent at reduced prices.

While typical freelancing websites provide listings of freelance talent for companies to engage individually, we provide you with freelance teams alongside a US-based project manager for large-scale enterprise project work.

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Crowdsourcing with Us

We have freelancers in 50+ countries around the world!

Welcome to the on-demand economy. With our platform, you now have access to an unlimited talent pool at your fingertips, along with a trusted project manager to manage your freelance workers.

We have helped customers in several industries with a wide variety of projects from custom application development to complex business systems. So, check us out and save 30-50% on project costs.

You pay only upon completion of deliverables.

With our on-demand model, all payments are tied to milestones, and you only pay if the work is completed to your satisfaction. If there are changes along the way, our platform can handle it.

Simply put, the platform was built for you, the corporate customer, to find the right set of talent for all your project needs. So, experience what we have to offer and take advantage of the "gig" economy.

All freelancers sign non-disclosure agreements.

Traditionally, freelancing platforms do not offer the security or reliability expected for enterprise project work. With us, all freelancers go through background checks before they are activated on the platform.

We also work with you to comply with your company procurement or legal requirements. If you have other special requirements, simply ask us and we would be glad to accommodate.

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Our unique business model provides distinct advantages to our customers!

Fixed-bid, low price contract

30-50% potential savings on fixed-bid project cost. Milestone-based payment.

Track record of success

95%+ of projects completed on-time and under-budget to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

Strong reputation

55%+ of customers have made repeat orders. Met 99.5%+ service level goals for technical support.