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Our Crowdsourcing Solution

We provide access to our crowdsourcing platform, administrative support, marketing and outreach, and manage all aspects of your challenge to ensure a successful outcome. Our platform has been awarded two patents by the United States Patent Office.

With our platform, you now have access to an unlimited talent pool at your fingertips, along with a trusted project manager to manage your project. We have been in business for over nine years and helped customers in several industries with a wide variety of projects and would be glad to design and manage the challenge for you to meet your business outcomes.

All payments are fixed bid, milestone based, and you only pay when the work is complete. We take care of all legal, procurement and insurance requirements required for enterprise contracts. In addition, you get an account manager to lead the engagement and take care of day to day operational needs. In short, we make crowdsourcing simple and effective.

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Our Advantage

Our unique business model provides distinct advantages to our customers!

Milestone based payment

30-50% potential savings on fixed-bid project cost. Milestone-based payment.

Track record of success

95%+ of projects completed on-time and under-budget to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

Strong reputation

55%+ of customers have made repeat orders. Met 99.5%+ service level goals for technical support.

Industries We Serve

We serve a variety of industries! Check out a few of them here.

Health and Wellness


Retail and Commerce


Consulting Services

Space and Aviation

Media and Journalism

Banking and Financial Services





Our Partners

What We Do

Project-Based Crowdsourcing

We formulate and execute crowdsourcing competition according to your project requirements. Our team owns complete accountability for the deliverables.

R & D Innovation

We utilize crowdsourcing to provide innovative solutions for research and development initiatives. Our process guarantees confidentiality and IP protection.

Technical Solutions

We solve complex technical challenges for leading enterprises by using expert talent from our community and our trusted partners. Communities of innovators have reshaped entire industries, including aviation and personal computing.

White Label Solutions

We package our patented crowdsourcing platform as a product for you to integrate seamlessly with your own business. You can take advantage of the crowdsourcing model with a community of your own.